Adding AdSense to Your Website

So, what is AdSense, and why should you have AdSense on your website? AdSense is a service provided by Google which allows you to put advertising banners and text on your website that can allow you to make money from your site. What usually happens is that someone will see the ad, click on it, and be taken to another website, usually with a product or service for sale. Whenever someone clicks on the ad, you get a percentage of the money paid to Google for placing the ad. It’s usually anywhere from a few cents to almost one dollar.

So, how does it work? First, you sign up with Google to put ads on the different web pages of your website, then they check out your site, and when they accept your site as a relevant place to put their ads, you then are given an AdSense account that allows you to put special code on your website in the locations where you would like your ads to appear.

Now keep in mind that Google has their own rules for determining if your website is worthy enough to carry their ads. For example, it cannot be an adult-oriented or porn site. It cannot be a religious website. It cannot be a site that promotes Google’s definition of hate or hate speech. These are just a few of the Terms of Service rules for using Google’s AdSense.

Once you are accepted into the AdSense program, and you are given an account, you can then log into your account and determine what kind of ads you want on your website. Do you want a short-and-wide banner ad that is at the top or bottom of your web pages? Do you want a tall-and-skinny banner to the left or right side of you main content? Do you want a simple square image-based ad inside the main content? Or, maybe you just want a simple line of text, or three lines of text right above a web page’s content? You can do that with your AdSense account.

You can also decide how you want those ads to look and act. You can determine border, border color, background color, and tweak other aspects of those ads to make them fit into your website better. You can determine whether you want flashy ads or static ads. You can determine whether to stop some type of ads, such as ads to gambling and gaming sites. You can make sure the ads are family-safe. The ads that I like the best are the responsive ads – these type of ads will determine screen size (e.g. laptop window or mobile device?), and make sure to post ads that are the right size for the screen.

How do these ads work? I’ll say again what I’ve said in another article: it is a type of contextual advertising. What AdSense does is they determine first what the topic and subject of the web page is where they are posting the ad. They also look at your viewer’s browser history, through the use of “cookies” to further determine their interests. And then they will post relevant ads based on the web page’s subject matter and your site visitor’s search history. I’m sure you don’t like this use of cookies, but keep in mind that it isn’t a human being looking at your browser history, but automated software, and it’s used only to make sure that you get ads that are more relevant to yourself.

Once Google determines the best subjects for which to post ads, companies posting relevant ads, and there could be millions, bid on that ad space on your website. The one ad-poster who bids the highest amount gets the space – this is good for you as the website owner because it makes you more money.

Here’s another thing – you can run experiments between two different ad formats to find out which one runs better. This allows you to maximize the profitability of putting AdSense ads on your website.

There’s a great deal more that could be said about AdSense. If you’d like to find out more, go to Google AdSense.

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